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Blackbird High Gain Profile Pack

For the first time ever, Blackbird Studio has teamed up with KIT Plugins to create the Blackbird High Gain Kemper Pack, developed in the legendary studio using some of the best recording equipment ever produced. Each profile was hand crafted by John McBride and his team from a curated selection of Blackbird’s amazing amps. The Blackbird High Gain Kemper Pack consists of 61 profiles and Mix Ready presets.
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Created by John McBride at Blackbird

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Blackbird Studio

Founded by sound engineer John McBride and his wife, country artist Martina McBride, in 2002, Blackbird has become the world's preeminent recording studio. Blackbird contains 9 top notch recording studios and the best collection of vintage and new gear on Earth. With clients like Rush, Megadeth, Alice in Chains, Stone Sour, Daughtry and Beartooth, Blackbird is no stranger to high gain guitars.

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All names, logos and trademarks of amps, pedals, cabinets, microphones, and studio equipment and/or accessory brands are the property of their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with KIT Plugins or its affiliates. None of the aforementioned name, logo or trademark owners were involved in the making of this product, nor do they endorse it. This pack was made by John McBride at Blackbird Studio to represent the unique sound and quality of Blackbird. The names, logos and trademarks used are for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create this product. Unlicensed distribution of this product, free or otherwise, is prohibited.