Our Story

Powered by a motivated, and sometimes over-caffeinated team, KIT Plugins' mission stems from Matthew Kleinman and John McBride's shared passion for audio.

Driven by the search for a better analog emulation experience, KIT strives to innovate the way we perceive the possibilities of digital sound. Headquartered in the heart of Nashville, TN, all of our products are proudly designed and tuned right here in Music City.

KIT Plugins was founded in 2020 by engineer, producer, and entrepreneur Matthew Kleinman, who originally cut his teeth working for some of the industry’s biggest names including, Howard Benson, Aaron Pearce, Big Machine, and Fifth Harmony.

Matthew Kleinman - CEO

Matthew Kleinman is an audio engineer who's worked for some of the industry’s most prestigious producers, including Howard Benson, Aaron Pearce, and many more. Prior to starting KIT Plugins, Kleinman worked for Writerslist Publishing in Nashville and holds a B.S. in Music Technology and Business from Drexel University. He’s also seen The Who live more than 30 times.

Jim Collett - COO

Jim Collett’s passion for music led him to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business with a minor in Entrepreneurship from Middle Tennessee State University. Prior to KIT Plugins, Jim held various positions with Adams Group Productions, Country Tonight Theatre, and Station West Recording Studio. He dreams of one day sailing the open seas on The Black Pearl.

Michelle Lorge - Publicity Director

Michelle Lorge is the Owner of Nashville-based publicity firm Pitch Candy PR and has helped launch press campaigns for KIT Plugins, The Mavericks, Sugarland's Kristian Bush, Jake Owen, Barbara Mandrell, War Memorial Auditorium, and more. She is a lifelong musician and is passionate about helping music artists and music-based clients get seen and heard.

Taven Romesser - Marketing Lead

Taven Romesser is a musician, producer, and marketing specialist. Prior to KIT, he worked in event operations at Live Nation. Romesser writes and produces music across all genres and is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist. He often wishes he wrote the theme to The Office.

Ari Ruchman - Assistant to the CEO

As a Nashville native, Ari grew up surrounded by the music industry. After graduating the Blackbird Academy Studio program in 2021, he went on to intern at Blackbird and was later hired full time as the Audio Supervisor for the video series, Inside Blackbird. Being a producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio mixer, Ari has a wide variety of skills that are being utilized as an asset for KIT Plugins!