About KIT Plugins

KIT Plugins stems from an endless, and often over-caffeinated, pursuit of creating accessible and affordable audio tools for modern producers, mixers, and artists. We proudly focus on developing products that raise the standard for sound quality, functionality, and design. From our partnership with Blackbird Studio to our in-house state-of-the-art product line, we strive to offer every modern music maker the best of both analog-modeled and cutting-edge digital worlds.

KIT Plugins was founded in 2020 by seasoned audio engineer Matthew Kleinman, who originally cut his teeth in Los Angeles alongside legendary producer Howard Benson. Kleinman then transitioned to Nashville, TN, where he mixed for labels such as Big Machine and Epic Records, as well as countless independent artists in the contemporary Nashville scene.

Regardless of what we create at KIT Plugins, we will always maintain our mission of helping you achieve sonic excellence without breaking the bank.