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An Audio Engineer's Dream

The BB Chamber A plugin precisely emulates the renowned reverb chamber from Blackbird Studio A. Recognized globally for its clarity, sheen, and versatility. The reverb chamber within Blackbird's Studio A has played a pivotal role in countless iconic productions. This chamber, meticulously crafted with a movable ceiling, stands out as one of the most legendary reverb chambers ever constructed.

You can’t replace the sound of a real reverb chamber. The BB Chamber A captures the nuance and magic of my chamber in a way I have never heard before, giving me the ability to take the chamber with me wherever I go. The depth and realism are unbelievable.

John McBride (Owner - Blackbird Studio)

KIT’s new Chamber A plug-in is a faithful reproduction of Blackbird’s Chamber A reverb chamber, arguably one of the best chamber’s on the planet. I hate to admit it but the plug-in’s flexibility and ease of adjustment quite possibly make it even better than the real thing! Once you’ve used it, this is one of those plug-ins that will be nearly impossible to live without.

Russ Long (Wilco, Dolly Parton, Sixpence None the Richer)

The A chamber at Blackbird is one of the best sound chambers I’ve used, and now that I can have the character and sound of this wherever I'm mixing is a game changer. The fact you have eq, saturation, and a compressor in one window along with all the mic and speaker options of the chamber is fantastic.

Ernie Gonzales (George Straight, La Mafia, Martina McBride)

I love tracking in the A room of Blackbird Studio, especially knowing that I have a live chamber out in the big room. The ceiling is actually motorized so that you can make the chamber taller or shorter. This plugin IS that chamber!!!

Steve Marcantonio (Cheap Trick, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw)

Chamber A sounds superb and is an absolute joy to use.

Jonny Goode (Real Home Studio)

Sonic Depth and Dimension

Select from three distinct microphone options and tailor their placement within the chamber with the power to seamlessly raise or lower the height of the ceiling. 

Shape and refine your audio further by choosing your audio source from a Hi-Fi studio monitor, a live PA speaker, or a “direct” input that bypasses the character and tone of a speaker. Then use the pre-delay knob to add a slight delay to your signal before it hits the chamber. On the way out an FX strip awaits, equipped with saturation, filters, EQ, and compression controls.

New Technology

The BB Chamber A is our inaugural reverb plugin that leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of our innovative proprietary ADAPT: AI Technology. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience as it delivers the utmost precision, ensuring the most accurate and realistic space emulation available.

Height and Mic Adjustment

Switch between a C24, R88, and 414 to dial in the perfect capture. Adjust the ceiling height to find the perfect tone and decay.

Source Select

Switch between Direct, Hi-Fi, or PA to change your audio source and tailor your sound

Bartholomew the ducking duck

Click on the duck to turn the compressor in to a ducker, turning down the level of your reverb when your input gets louder.

Full Channel Strip

A full featured channel strip based on the same gear in Studio A used by Blackbird engineers

Pre and Post Filters

Pre and Post filters allow you to control the sound of your input and output

90 +

Presets to get you started

The BB Chamber A comes with a collection of custom presets designed by some of the industry's best!

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  • Preset Manager: Allows you to load Factory, Collaborator, or User presets
  • Microphone Adjustments: Choose which microphone you’d like to place in the chamber, be it a C24, R88, or a pair of 414's
  • Position: Choose whether the mic’s are placed in stands on the floor, or affixed to the movable ceiling
  • Height Adjustment: Raise or lower the ceiling to change the decay
  • [Source Select] - HI-FI Speaker: Resembles many high-end studio monitors
  • [Source Select] - PA Speaker: Modelled after the PA speaker that John McBride uses in the chamber
  • [Source Select] - Direct: As if the source is inside the chamber itself with no speaker emulation
  • Saturation & Compression: Add Neve® flavored saturation to your signal post chamber
  • Filters: HPF & LPF can be activated pre AND post chamber for greater control over your sound
  • Compressor: A simple one-knob compressor resembling many program-dependant hardware compressors
  • Ducker: Change the inherent compressor characteristics for a more subtle effect (great for Vocals, Strings, & less transient-rich sounds)
  • EQ: Made to resemble the console in Blackbird’s Studio A, which is also the EQ section from our BB N105!


All names, logos and trademarks of studio equipment and/or accessory brands are the property of their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with KIT Plugins or its affiliates. None of the aforementioned name, logo or trademark owners were involved in the making of this product, nor do they endorse it. This plugin was made by KIT Plugins and John McBride at Blackbird Studio to represent the unique sound and quality of Blackbird. The names, logos and trademarks used are only for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create this product.