BB N105 V2 Channel Strip

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Different by design

BB N105 is the only channel strip plugin of its kind, modeled after the only analog console of its kind — Blackbird Studio's iconic Neve® 8078.

This highly-modified console has not only birthed countless hits but also holds some of the most legendary sonics in the history of recorded music. Now it's yours forever in powerful plugin form.

A more realistic analog experience

Our engineers developed a next-gen proprietary sampling method that models analog hardware with never-before-heard depth, detail, and clarity.

We model the full analog range from 10Hz - 96kHz, giving you the truest analog experience available in a plugin. A sonic difference that is both heard and felt.

The sound behind countless chart-topping records

BB N105 Preamp

The Gain knob adds volume and saturation to your track.

Mic/Line Toggle: Choose between the Mic or Line amp circuits

Saturation Toggle: Allows you to turn off the distortion for a nice clean volume boost

Analog Hum

The Analog Hum section is for that subtle hint ~60Hz caused by electricity running through the wires. We give users the option to have Hum on or off, as well as 3 levels of
hum for more or less effect.

EQ Knobs

The outer black knob is ratcheted and selects the frequency you’d like to affect, and the inner blue knob is the gain controlling how much you’d like to affect your signal with a range of +/- 15dB

Master Fader

Located before the master buss in the signal chain, you can drive into the master section to achieve the desired effect and use the output trim to compensate.

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Presets from Industry Pros

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  • Console Frequency Response: Accurately sampled from 10 Hz to 96 kHz using KIT’s proprietary Full Range Modeling Technology (FRM).
  • Auto-Gain: Enhances usability as you add gain on the mic pre. The fader level will adjust the output automatically to maintain dB level.
  • Continuous Gain: Optionally removes the notched movement of the mic pre gain, giving you more control of gain level.
  • Analog Hum: Sets the level of ~60Hz noise applied to the signal.
  • Oversampling: Adjust oversampling from x4, x8, or x16, for higher definition or to relieve CPU of intensive processing and aliasing.
  • Tooltips: Displays the amount of gain (+/-) on each EQ band to the nearest tenth of a dB, and percentage for the Mic Pre.
  • Resizable 3D GUI: You can click and drag the bottom right corner to change the size of the plugin, or select set sizes from the options menu.
  • Fader Color: You can change the color of the fader between black, silver, red, blue, and teal.
  • Includes: 100+ Custom Pro Presets.

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All names, logos and trademarks of studio equipment and/or accessory brands are the property of their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with KIT Plugins or its affiliates. None of the aforementioned name, logo or trademark owners were involved in the making of this product, nor do they endorse it. This plugin was made by KIT Plugins and John McBride at Blackbird Studio to represent the unique sound and quality of Blackbird. The names, logos and trademarks used are only for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create this product.