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A true piece of music history

Built in the '60s by Motown's engineers to help usher in a new era of music and sound, the Motown EQ is one of the most important pieces of audio equipment ever built. Used on countless number one hits, the original first batch of Motown EQs have since become incredibly rare and collectible, shrouded in almost mythical lore.

We meticulously studied this iconic unit to build the most sonically accurate emulation possible.

A first of its kind

Mo-Q brings our proprietary Gen 2 Full Range Modeling technology (FRM) to plugin form for the very first time.

Utilizing FRM, Mo-Q brings the "full range" of the analog hardware to life, replicating subsonic and hypersonic frequencies from 10Hz-96kHz.

Our most accurately-modeled plugin yet, Mo-Q embodies a true digital counterpart to the original hardware. This translates to a more powerful, immersive musical experience, bringing your mixes the legendary tone of Motor City.

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Presets from Industry Pros

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Choose from a full library of presets that were hand crafted by industry professionals.

Low End

50 Hz and 130 Hz are perfect for adding thump to your bass and kick drum.

Low Mids

320 Hz and 800 Hz are great for rounding out the bottom of your acoustic guitars, or removing any boxy-ness from your drums.

High End

2kHz, 5kHz, and 12.5kHz are the arbiters or presence and shine. For enhancing your bright and sparkly pianos or taming harsh cymbals and guitars.

Bypass Switch

Internally bypass the plug-in as well as adjust the output gain leading to your DAW.

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  • A Highly-Coveted Boutique EQ: From John McBride's personal collection
  • 7 Highly Musical EQ bands: Modeled from an original black-faced Motown EQ at Blackbird Studio in Nashville.
  • Frequency Bands: 50Hz, 130Hz, 320Hz, 800Hz, 2000Hz, 5000Hz, and 12500Hz.
  • Modeling: Modeled using KIT's proprietary Gen 2 Full Range Modeling method, from 10 Hz to 96 kHz.
  • Oversampling: 3 selectable oversampling modes are available (2x, 4x, 8x), with the higher setting offering maximum quality for EQ filters.
  • Includes: 100+ Custom Pro Presets across a variety of musical genres. Great for both individual tracks and master bus processing.


All names, logos and trademarks of studio equipment and/or accessory brands are the property of their respective manufacturers and are in no way affiliated with KIT Plugins or its affiliates. None of the aforementioned name, logo or trademark owners were involved in the making of this product, nor do they endorse it. This plugin was made by KIT Plugins and John McBride at Blackbird Studio to represent the unique sound and quality of Blackbird. The names, logos and trademarks used are only for the purpose of identifying the hardware chain that was used to create this product.