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Digital transparency meets classic workflow

Core EQ gives you the power and transparency of a modern digital equalizer, packed into an intuitive design reminiscent of well-known analog EQs.
Its classic frequency curves provide your productions with best-in-class sonics without altering the fundamental character of your tracks.
kit plugins core eq

Workflow-first, built for speed

In today’s fast-paced production world, the ability to mix with confidence and speed matters more than ever. Core EQ was designed with this in mind — to take your tonal shaping to the finish line so you can meet deadlines on time.
Core EQ allows you to set it, forget it, and deliver pro mixes at a pro pace.
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Core EQ in the studio:

Albert "Lamont Sincere" Brown

(Motown Records, Cam Wallace, Wiz Khalifa)

This EQ speaks for itself. It gets everything right into the core where you need it to obtain a clean drum or instrument track.

Audio Sorcerer

(Producer/Mixer, YouTuber & Educator)

Core EQ sounded better to me than the new SSL plugin, which is a LOT coming from me. I'm a huge SSL guy!

Jonny Goode

(Producer/Mixer & Founder of Real Home Studio)

If you’re looking for a transparent EQ that you'll reach for time and time again, Core EQ is exactly what you need to get the job done and move quickly through your mix.

Lanewood Studios

(Producer/Mixer, YouTuber & Educator)

This plugin handles better than the studio EQs, and I like the sound better. I could even get quite close to the classic SSL sound . . . for a much more reasonable price!

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  • Transparent Sonics: Packed into an analog workflow. CORE EQ allows for tonal balancing with ease.
  • 4-Band EQ: With two fully-parametric mid bands to sculpt your mix quickly and precisely.
  • Powerful: Low (LF) and High (HF) bands (shelf or peak selectable).
  • Precision Control: High (HP) and Low (LP) Pass filters help refine your tracks with a quick twist of the knob.
  • A Natural Sound: Great for both broad strokes and zooming in to null out bothersome frequencies.
  • Enhance Your Tracks: This plugin allows you to cleanly enhance the tonality of any source material without altering its character.
  • CPU Optimized: Low impact on use multiple instances in your mix seamlessly.
  • GUI Scaling: A fully-resizable, high-def, 3D GUI.


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