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Bring analog life to your tracks

Inspired by the effect of running through analog amplifier circuits, SMASH brings a unique blend of saturation and compression to your sound.

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Under the hood

SMASH uses a series of compressors and saturators all calibrated to the one main control. The harder you drive the control the more of each stage you will hear.

Creatively Simple

Engineered for workflow

SMASH was designed for writers, producers and hobbyists that need a versatile option for dynamics and saturation with a simple interface and workflow. SMASH can be used as a subtle effect to add vibe and glue or it can be used as an intense parallel processor.

Built in mix knob for easy parallel processing.
Over 40 mix ready presets to get you started.
Built using the same award winning technology as our flagship products.

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To demo, click the link below to get the free trial. Create an account, download. Enjoy for two weeks free!

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• Input - Controls the input level to the plugin. (-18 to +18dB)

• Output - Controls the output level post-processing. (-18 to +18dB)

• Mix - Wet/Dry control for parallel processing and use directly on your audio tracks. (0 to 100%)

• SMASH - Controlls how much the custom-designed saturation and compression algorithm is added to your sound. (0 to 10)

• Lo-Fi - A classic lo-fi filter effect with 12dB per octave slopes at 550Hz to 7kHz, great for mixing in parallel to add extra spice and grit to instruments (such as; Bass, Vocals, and Drums).

• Hi-Cut - A high-shelf filter that attenuates higher frequencies. (0dB to -12dB).

• KIT Logo - Opens the KIT Plugins website.

• ? Button - Opens the manual in your default PDF viewer.

• Presets - SMASH comes with over 40 mix ready presets to get you started.

• Preset Manager - Allows for the saving and recall of presets for the plugin. Click ‘Save new’ and type in your preset name to save a new preset.

• A/B - Allows the quick audition of two settings for comparison. Setting A can be copied to B and vice versa with the arrow button.

• Supports mono and stereo signal


• Free iLok License Manager and iLok account required

• No iLok USB dongle required

• iLok Cloud and iLok 2 or 3 dongle activation support only (iLok 1 not supported), iLok machine activation is not supported at this time

• 2 activations are provided for use per license purchase

• macOS 10.14 or later

• Apple M1 (ARM-based) support for AU and VST3 formats (AAX pending AVID update for Pro Tools)

• Windows 7 - 11

• Intel i3 or later

• AMD Quad-Core (Windows)

• 4 GB RAM and 4 GB free disk space

• 64-bit operating system required


• VST3 (Steinberg Virtual Studio Technology 3)

• AU (macOS Audio Unit)

• AAX (Avid Audio Extension)

• Compatible with all major DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) that support the formats mentioned above

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