Mix Course with Joe Carrell

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Want to learn how to mix like a pro? KIT has you covered.

We’ve teamed up with 11-time Grammy-nominated audio engineer Joe Carrell to walk you through his mixing process from session setup to final touches.

With over three hours of content, you will learn how to vastly improve your mixes using a variety of tools and techniques. Joe is here to take you step-by-step from receiving the raw files from the artist to final delivery.

Joe Carrell

As a Nashville based producer/mixer/recording engineer, Joe has accomplished a lot in his 20+ year career.  11 Grammy nominated albums, Dove award winning songs and albums, 34 charting number ones, Billboard top tens in multiple categories, and more. “I’m proud of those things, but that’s not what motivates me at all.  What keeps me hungry is that feeling you get sitting in the chair at the end of a mix and being moved...feeling like you made it everything it could be”.

Mix Along With Joe!

You will receive multi-track stems along with the course so you can practice your mixing in real time. Stems are in .WAV format so you can work in any DAW.

What You Will Learn

In this 3+ hour course you will learn how to handle everything from setting up your session to putting final touches on a mix.

Joe will take you through 12 episodes teaching you all of the methods he has used to mix great records during his illustrious career. Everything from balancing the mix to automation and FX will be covered.

The course consists of the following episodes:

Ep. 1 - Intro And Session Setup

Ep. 2 - First Listen and Multi-Buss Setup

Ep. 3 - Starting The Mix: Drums

Ep. 4 - Adding The Bass

Ep. 5 - Working With Guitars

Ep. 6 - Keys and Master Buss Treatment

Ep. 7 - Mixing Vocals

Ep. 8 - Creating Atmosphere With Delay and Reverb

Ep. 9 - Volume Automation

Ep. 10 - Vocal FX

Ep. 11 - Vocal Automation

Ep. 12 - Making Moments and Final Touches

After purchase you will receive an email with links to the course and the stems. If you have any questions please contact us at help@kitplugins.com