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Burier - Free Saturation Plugin

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Real saturation. Real free.

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Just bury it

Burier ranges from subtle overdrive to sizzling distortion and covers everything in between. Designed to “bury” a wide array of instruments, busses, and FX, Burier is the ultimate go-to saturator for drums, bass, vocals, and more.

Burier comes with 3 customizable color options and a fully-resizable GUI. 100% FREE forever!

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Total control

Burier’s musical saturation stage is followed by a pair of resonant low- and high-cut filters for optimal tonal shaping. The filters have a 12 dB per octave slope and are IIR (Infinite Impulse Responses) featuring a TPT (topology-preserving transform) structure. Their behavior is based on the analog SVF (state-variable filter) circuit, which is a second-order RC active filter.

What's more, Burier’s wet/dry mix control allows you to dial in the perfect parallel blend on any source.

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Why the pros love Burier

steve marcantonio mixing kit plugins
Steve Marcantonio

(Cheap Trick, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw)

I own several distortion plugs. Since Burier came out I often use it instead. It does what other plugs do so much easier and it sounds better!

cameron cartee mixing kit plugins
Cameron Cartee

(2 Chainz, T-Pain, T.I., Travis Scott)

The Burier is my favorite for two reasons. One, it’s 100% free, and two, it has so many options to get the sound I want, if I overdo it, then I can just back off a little with the mix knob.

Megan McDuffee

(Award-Winning Game Composer & Artist)

Sometimes you don't have the time to endlessly tweak settings. Burier simplifies the process, and sounds gnarly and tasty with minimal effort!

colt capperrune mixing kit plugins
Colt Capperrune

(Billboard Top 40 Producer/Mixer)

Burier is a really great saturation tool. It’s totally new to me and I use it constantly now that I have it!

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