The Creator Plan

Introducing the Inside Blackbird Creator Plan - the ultimate subscription for music and audio enthusiasts. The new plan gives you unparalleled access to KIT Plugins' digital recreations of Blackbird's coveted analog equipment in addition to Inside Blackbird’s vast video library. For just $24.99 per month or $249.90 per year, you can now take your music production to the next level with the same tools used by the professionals.
The Creator Plan includes all the features of the standard subscription, plus the added bonus of KIT's software. With their extensive library of educational videos and our powerful plugins, you'll have everything you need to create studio-quality music and audio from the comfort of your own home. Join today and unlock your full creative potential!

Inside Blackbird

Inside Blackbird’s series talks to world-renowned artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and many more who provide guidance on how to have a successful career in music. Their experts provide unparalleled insight as we capture what it’s truly like behind the scenes in the studio.

What's Included?

Get access to hundreds of educational and entertaining videos from Inside Blackbird.
Including exclusive interviews with artists including Billy Corgan, Garth Brooks, Yelawolf, Aly + AJ, Young The Giant, Vince Gill and more, speaking in depth about their experiences and lessons learned along the way.
From fundamentals to advanced recording Inside Blackbird has the content to teach you what you need to know.